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[edit] Artsem

Artificial Insemination - The government is pushing this method of childbirth as the ONLY method, to aid in the destruction of the family unit.

[edit] Bellyfeel

Full emotional understanding. Blind, enthusiastic acceptance of a concept.

[edit] Blackwhite

The ability to accept whatever "truth" the party puts out, no matter how absurd it may be. Orwell described it as "...loyal willingness to say black is white when party discipline demands this. It also means the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know black is white, and forget that one has ever believed the contrary.

[edit] Chocorat

Main Article: Chocorat

[edit] Crimestop

Main Article: Crimestop

[edit] Crimethink


[edit] Dayorder

Main Article: Dayorder

The Order of the Day

[edit] Doublethink

Main article: Doublethink

[edit] Duckspeak

Main article: Duckspeak

To speak without thinking. Can be either good or bad, depending on who is speaking, and whether or not they are on your side.

[edit] Facecrime

To give indications of possible crimethink through facial expressions, e.g. by looking sceptical when hearing an official communiqué. Because of this, Ingsoc members could never really relax in public places or within range of a telescreen and an involuntary behaviour such as a nervous tic could potentially entail arrest.

[edit] Ficdep

Fiction Department of the Ministry of Truth

[edit] Free

Only exist in the sense of "The dog is free of lice." The concept of political freedom has been replaced by the word crimethink.

[edit] Fullwise

Main Article: Fullwise

[edit] Goodsex

Sex for the purpose of producing children for the party.

[edit] Goodthink

Thoughts which adhere to all of the principles of Newspeak. Anything that does not constitute goodthink is thoughtcrime

[edit] Ingsoc

Main Article: Ingsoc

[edit] Joycamp

Forced-labor camp.

[edit] Miniluv

The Ministry of Love

[edit] Minipax

The Ministry of Peace

[edit] Miniplenty

The Ministry of Plenty

[edit] Minitrue

The Ministry of Truth

[edit] Newspeak

Main Article: Newspeak

[edit] Oldspeak

Standard English as we use today. Newspeak is based on Oldspeak, with all words which represent unpopular, heretical, or politically incorrect ideas removed. In the book, Oldspeak is to be eradicated by 2050.

[edit] Ownlife

Individualism and eccentricity. A desire to do something for your own benefit. (i.e. hobbies, ownership of property, love, or any other Thoughtcrime)

[edit] Sexcrime

Having sex for enjoyment. Also, even having sex in the hope to create a family of your own. The only time that sex is considered goodsex is when it is performed in producing offspring for the party.

[edit] Teledep

The Teleprograms Department of the Ministry of Truth.

[edit] Ungood

Main Article: Ungood


[edit] Upsub

To get authorization from superiors (Submit to "Higher-ups" for approval)

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